about the blogger

me ,
I'm a girl,

I'm 16th .

I super love my self

I love my big Family , specially for my mom

I love about fashion

I love to take a pictures

I love travelling

I love my 'lil monkey , Zimbo Zarimo

I hate my childhood

I hate copycaters

I love my camera

I love my best friends

I hate my killer teachers

I love my friends

I love animals

I love to swimming

I love basket ball

I love inline skate

I love to Ice skating

I hate school, but sometimes I love it

I hate my lessons

I have a curly hair
ya, I love it.

I love to eat strawberry with a melted chocolate

I love cheese, but I hate it if too much

I love caramel

I'm sugar craving

Sometimes, I love my enemy


i love you.

with love,
♥Sarah Febyani